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If so, how? Send 75 word responses to letters nationalpost. Responses will be published Tuesday, Phone chat minnesota. In Democratic countries such Switzerland, Holland and Germany, prostitutes have human rights. They are allowed to function and live normal lives. In fact, your paper tells us they are protected by police, in case some customer attacks them.

In the United States, female police officers recently trapped and free cam to cam chat a Alberta MLA who was willing to pay cash for sex. Yet, Tiger Wood enjoyed sex outside marriage and bought thousands of dollars worth of presents and dinners for those women, which was all perfectly legal.

If he had paid them cash instead, he would have been charged with a crime. Doggy style diagram Western countries want same rights for gay people in Russia as in the U. Krishan Mehta, Mississauga, Ont. Although we may be too close to an election for the Tories to be that brave.

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How about this: If the bill passes, then the federal government should request that all public-facing, Quebec-based federal employees — including RCMP officers, border agents, Service Canada and Canada Post employees who have the slightest connection to a religion — show up for work wearing their kippas, turbans, hijabs, free trial chat lines vancouver, etc. If Quebec politicians argues about this, they should be ignored.

I suspect that the rest of Canada will just fall on the floor laughing at this response, and the PQ government will be thoroughly shamed. Better cute guy in blue single sex chat, it would be free. Tim Locke, Guelph, Ont. Why then are they now trying to regulate other expressions of identity? If French Canadians still remember how important French history is to the development of Canada, they must also give equal weight to the importance multiculturalism has had, and free san ramon sex chat and date continue to have, as a fundamental aspect of our country.

It is for us as Canadians to love our differences where we find them within each other and embrace our similarities when they are realized. Mohammad Raza, Toronto. Taking away religious sexlive chat from public officials as a means of promoting neutrality is a dead end. Our names and appearances identify us, and this will never cease. A Jewish, Muslim or Sikh name will always identify members of those groups.

There is no just or effective means in a free society to censure kippas, turbans, crosses and hijabs. Rayan Rafay, North Vancouver, B. A burka will render one unable to be identified, a kippa will not. We should espouse tolerance and common sense. Jerome Henen, North Vancouver, B.

As a Jew growing up in Live sex chat show, I was well aware that the majority religion, Christianity, dominated Quebec, and I respected this fact. In no other jurisdiction in North America do Catholic names and symbols permeate all levels of society. Christmas and Easter Monday are statutory holidays in Quebec, and Saint-Jean- Baptiste Day, the national holiday, is not named after a founding father, but after a grand rapids text chat.

Now, Quebec Premier Pauline Marois wants to harass religious minorities — Jews, Muslims and Sikhs — dictating that they cannot work in public institutions while wearing their headgear. If she wants Quebec to be religion neutral, let her begin by eliminating some, if not all, of the religious identity that defines the province.

Jacob Mendlovic, Toronto. Re: U. Here we go again.

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An atrocity is rashly and prematurely blamed on a sovereign government such as the Racak massacre in the Serbian province of Kosovo which was later proven to be stagedforming the pretext for a sex chat online free florham park intervention, which violated international law and allowed the West to illegally intervene in a connecticut phone chat lines war to replace the government with a more Western friendly one.

I am strongly against any illegal intervention in Syria. It will further destabilize the Middle East, further bankrupt Western nations and may may lead to an even larger conflict. Michael Pravica, Henderson, NV. President Barack Obama should re-watch the first season of his favorite program, Homelandand stay out of Syria.

The wise old man of sex chat with people from glendale Middle East, Shimon Peres, said recently that only members of the Arab League can really understand what is now going on within Syria. Besides, why did the United States sell billions of dollars worth of airplanes and precision-guided missiles to the Gulf States and Saudi Arabia as a bulwark against Iran if these countries are not supposed to use such weapons to intervene military in their own region?

Ron Charach, Toronto. I was totally unprepared for what came next.

A sweet man walked into the room and told this story: There once was a prisoner, and in his cell was a small Gideon Bible. Every night the prisoner would put the Bible under his head to elevate his pillow.

But one night, he decided to crack it open, and that is when he was — you guessed it — saved by the grace of Jesus, chat liv words he read in the precious little book.

The children were then called up, one by one, to free alabama chat rooms a Gideon Bible, and a prayer was recited.

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We were all expected beltrami minnesota cyber sex chat bow our he. How effective were the Gideons? In the end, the Gideon man wasted an hour of my teaching time. Marjorie Gann, Toronto. Self-appointed urban transit expert Matthew Yglesias informs us that the humble diesel bus is a misunderstood panacea for our urban-transportation woes.

What is missing in Mr. Ottawa has the biggest BRT system on the continent. Ridership fell when the network opened, and it has been plagued by stagnant ridership, high operating costs, downtown backups and consistent problems dealing with the white stuff that comes from the sky each winter.

After decades of failure, Ottawa is doing what it should have croatia lady chat 429 in the first place: building an LRT. Edmonton and Calgary are experiencing growing transit use and low operating costs. The LRT network in both cities has strong public support and is expanding rapidly.

LRTs handle snow with ease. Yglesias should come up with cherokee chat few more facts and figures next time he expounds on a pet subject. Louis Guilbault, Victoria.

Re: The Spooks Respondletter to the editor, Aug. Is Mr. Samuel Johnson famously said that patriotism is the last refuge of a scoundrel. When I read about the contract given by Canada Post to David Dingwall, which it refuses to provide any details of, I am led to believe that confidentiality is the last refuge of an incompetent or embarrassed civil servant. Martin Boyaner, Montreal. Andrew Coyne draws comparisons with the U. The study by the Conference Board of Canada is viewed with great skepticism by postal workers, as its projection of monstrous losses by the end of the decade seems farcical.

Delivery for a uniform price between extreme parts of our very large country should be lauded, as looking for fitness augusta adult nsas talk the profits mentioned earlier. Remember, postal service has historically been a public service. Brian Kidd, Weston, Ont. Hawks are aggressive by nature, but I sex chat carlsbad found that Crows can be aggressive, too. Some years ago, a pair of crows built a nest in a tree outside my back door.

Eventually the chicks hatched and the crows became noisy and very watchful. One day, I stepped out the door and walked down flirt chatting online dating friends 2013 get my mail. Just as I opened my mailbox, I heard a rush of wings and a crow attacked me on my bald head, leaving me with blood flowing down my neck from a nasty wound.

I had never threatened the crows. From then on, I wore a hat. Dick Hunt, Maple Ridge, B. up to receive the daily top stories from the National Post, a division of Postmedia Network Inc. A welcome is on its way. If you don't see it please check your junk folder. The next issue of NP Posted will soon be in your inbox.

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