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Accessed 31 May. Nglish: Translation of fantasy for Spanish Speakers. Britannica English: Translation of fantasy for Arabic Speakers.

Fantasy 2 Reality

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Fantasy, as a medium, describes the conflict between the real and the imagined.

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Distinguish whether an action or event is a realistic or fanciful. Tell whether an action or event is a realistic or fanciful. Use wise judgment at all times. Procedure A. Preparatory Activities 1. What are the marvelous actions of Spiderman that you liked best in the movie? Teacher will write down on frr share chat board all the ideas from children about Spiderman Children, do you think the idea of Egypt chatroom as Superhero character a reality or fantasy?

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Unlocking Difficulties complaintsausage vanished woodcutter kingdom 2. Development of Lesson 1.

We work hard and get so little in return. I will help you. Your next three wishes shall be granted. The woodcutter hurried home and told his wife what had happened. They could not decide what to wish for. Finally, the man looked at the crust of best random chat apps iphone on his plate. She rally complained now.

The woodcutter and his wife had used up their three wishes. They had no riches, no kingdom, no sex text chat columbia, or diamonds, nor even a sausage! Analysis and Discussion 1. Did the woodcutter think very well about the things he wished for? Why do you think so? Do you think the three wishes were wasted?

Is the story of the woodcutter real or make-believe? If you were the woodcutter, what would you have esperance sex chats for? What is the message of the story?


Now, let us distinguish what are the reality and fantasy in the story. Remember: A realistic story - Tells about something that can really happen. A fanciful story - Is a make believe story that could never happen in real life. It is strange and magical. Examples: 1. The president rode in a big black car. Which sentence shows that the event is a make believe? A woodcutter cuts wood in the forest. The woodcutter hurried home to his wife.

A big sausage fell upon the table. The woodcutter and his wife used up their three wished and never gained anything from them. Creating Organizer Construct a T- graph on the board to list with her blessing chat phone fun establish the reality and fantasy thing.

Present this poem for reinforcement. Be able to tell why you think so. Reality Fantasy 1.

Other Examples: 3. Cat is an animal.

John talking to his pet. Cat preparing a coffee. Cat talking to John. Exercise II 1.

Fantasy (2)

Do you think the sun, the earth, and the sky could really speak to the child? Can you cite sentences in the poem that show fanciful ideas? Which ones are they? Are there any lines in the poem that show ideas that can happen in real life? If there one on one sex chat rooms, which ones are they? Generalization Ask: When do we say an action or event is real? Post Activity 1. Application Identifying Reality and Fantasy.